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4 Steps To Know The Original Manuka Honey

Original Manuka Honey “Checking” in 4 Steps

original manuka honey

Throughout history, manuka honey has been one of the most popular types of honey. However, unfortunately, many traders used to cheat on this type of honey. This happens due to its scarcity, difficulty in production, and high price.

So, you should be aware of the price and quality. Also, it’s important to determine if this jar of honey is the original one?! 

Through these simple steps, you can know the original
Manuka honey

steps to check trusted manuka honey

  1.  Check the UMF logo on the jar and the name of the honey-producing company. Then search for the
    company name on the ( Manuka Factor Honey Association) website here.
  2. Check the batch number, which is the number that refers to the lot number of manuka honey.
    This number means that this shipment of honey has been tested and confirmed by the “Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association” in New Zealand.
  3. Match the production number with the attached analysis certificate of the original manuka honey
  4. Most importantly is using the QR link to verify the existence of the certificate on the (Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association) website.

💡 💡 Note that the link on the certificate must contain the title:  umfha-certification.org. Check the following example: https://umfha-certification.org/C36438646X

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