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Manuka Honey – Science and Myth

Why all the “Fuss” around manuka honey ?!

manuka honey

Manuka honey – extracted from a special type of western bee. That feeds on the flowers of the tea tree – is one of the last known and strongest types of honey in terms of healing power and nutritional value.

Manuka is known for its unique ability to treat different diseases, 

It also provides unique support for the body from different aspects. For this reason, manuka has been used throughout the ages from the oldest civilizations to treat multiple diseases, until it was studied and explored more and more. 

However, many are questioning these facts! So, in this article, we explain the proven facts from science and medicine.

History of Manuka and myths

Manuka entered New Zealand in the middle of the last century.

Since then Its production did not stop, but other types of honey were preferred until a New Zealand researcher named Peter Mulan discovered in 1980 that manuka contains special healing substances extracted only from the flower on which it feeds. 

To know more about manuka history.

This makes the manuka honey from New Zealand is the best one. Throughout history, many refer to this honey as the “Liquid Gold”, the “magic therapy”.

Here we bring the facts of the medical benefits of this type of honey away from myth.

Proven Benefits of manuka honey by Science

Manuka honey is the only type of honey that contains those additional substances that help kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which can be found in chronic wounds, sleeping ulcers, and foot ulcers, among others. 

And because this healing ability is measurable and is only specific to manuka honey, it has its own standard for measuring the purity and efficacy of manuka honey products according to (UMF – Unique Manuka Factor), the unique manuka scale. 

This scale determines the percentage of “Methylglyoxal” in manuka honey, and on the basis of it provides preventive and curative effects for infections, viruses, antioxidants, and others.

The most common benefits of this honey:

1- It is used for dressing and healing wounds

2- Promotes oral and dental health

3- Treats sore throat

4- Helps prevent stomach ulcers

5- Improves digestion and relieves symptoms of indigestion and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

6- Treats acne, even if it has a positive effect on the skin in general

7- Soothes or eliminates allergies

8- It is used to treat burns for its ability to reduce pain and inflammation

9- Contributes to the repair of damaged tissues in the body. That’s why it has wide use in beauty and skincare field. 

Check here to know more about the medical benefits of manuka.

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