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Is Manuka Honey safe for kids

Can I give my kids Manuka honey

One of the Serious questions today; Is Manuka honey safe for kids

benefits of manuka honey

?At what age is the best to give my kid manuka honey? Which type is the best for kids

?How much should I give my kids daily?  What are the benefits of manuka honey for kids

?But Is manuka honey safe for kids

Manuka honey is safe for kids above 12-month. And never give any type of honey (including manuka type) for kids less than one year (12-month)

Manuka honey is full of vitamins, anti-bacteria, antioxidants, and flavonoids. Many of us think about delivering these valuable substances to the kids in order to increase their immunity and improve their health

However, kids less than one year can’t digest the components of manuka honey which might lead to poisoning when eating honey

Honey contains a bacteria known as (Clostridium botulinum). This type can reproduce for a huge number in the intestine and produce its toxins

Kids’ bodies (12-month) can’t deal with such toxins which will exaggerate the case

Benefits of manuka honey for kids

Again manuka honey is safe for kids for more than one year. There are many benefits of manuka for kids

  • Help kids in building their bodies, increase the calcium concentration for bones and teeth.
  • Alternative for artificial sugar products, and recommended to control the overactive kids and monitor their sleeping time at night.
  • Very pleasant and tasteful for kids to use the lozenges of manuka honey, also maintain their teeth and oral health.
  • Improve kids’ immunity, more resistant to bacteria and other microbes due to MGO and antioxidants.
  •  Regenerate the wounds and burned tissue and prevent inflammation.
  • Enhance kid’s concentration and memory, which will improve their academic attainment.
  • Reduce the stomach and abdominal pain, and helps in the alleviation of diarrhea and/or constipation.
  • Treat sore throat, cough, cold, and other upper respiratory tract infections.

How much should I use for kids to ensure that manuka honey is safe for kids

Usually, kids should take a half dose of adults, so 1/2 spoon of manuka honey is the recommended daily dose for kids from manuka honey

They can use the lozenges of manuka honey, which is easier to take up for kids and kids more than 2 years can take it

These lozenges exist in different flavors, so you can pick the favorable one for the kid






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