جودة عسل المانوكاحلاوة المانوكا لعلاج التهاب الحلق

Lozenges of Manuka Honey

Manuka Lozenges benefits for sore throat

Why Lozenges of Manuka Honey is the Best ?!

lozenges of manuka honey

Lozenges of the manuka honey are known as the best type of lozenges. Why?

Medically, lozenges are known for their therapeutic effect on a sore throat and on rapid pain relief.

Lozenges reduce the symptoms and even getting rid of the annoying pain associated with inflammation.

However, the substances used in such products are purely chemical.

On the contrary, the lozenges of manuka are completely natural. They consist of pure manuka honey and another natural ingredient as a flavor and to strengthen the therapeutic benefits. 

Types of lozenges of manuka:

  • Manuka honey lozenges with lemon
  • Manuka honey lozenges with ginger
  • Manuka honey with blackcurrant
  • Manuka honey with propolis

Each one of those types has the power of manuka honey UMF15 in addition to the unique features from the added substances.

Why Manuka Lozenges is the best-Benefits of Manuka Lozenges:

First of all, these lozenges are:

  • easy to use anywhere and any time; at work, travel, at home.
  • Has therapeutic effect and therapeutic ones.
  • Completely safe.
  • Alternative for manuka jars with the same benefits.
  • Fast therapeutic effect.

Basically, Manuka lozenges are made of pure honey, so all the benefits of honey substances.

MGO substance kills bacteria, fungi, and germs and eliminates all the diseases that might occur.

Also, vitamins and antioxidants strengthen the immune system.

That’s why it’s also used as a prophylactic.

Uses of Manuka Lozenges:

  • Sore throat treatment
  • Improves oral and mental health
  • For pregnant (with lemon) to increase immunity.
  • Refresh the oral breath and eliminate the bad one.
  • Recommended for smokers and heavy smokers.

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