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Proved Medical Benefits of Manuka Honey

Benefits of Manuka

Manuka honey is the only known type of honey that contains special additional substances.
Such substances help in killing antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Resistant Bacteria can be found in chronic wounds, sleeping ulcers, and foot ulcers.

This healing ability is measurable and is only specific to manuka honey.

Unique Manuka factor Honey Association has created a standard for measuring the purity and efficacy of manuka honey products. 

benefits of manuka honey

This factor is (UMF – Unique Manuka Factor), to check the unique manuka scale. This scale determines the percentage of (Methylglyoxal) in manuka honey. 

This substance is responsible mainly for the benefits of manuka honey.

On that basis, it provides preventive and curative services for infections, viruses, antioxidants, and others.

Benefits of Manuka Honey in healing wounds:

Medically, healing wounds is one of the known and popular uses of manuka honey.

Even that, many pharmaceutical companies use this honey to produce manuka ointment.

through studies, MGO kills the bacteria that exaggerate the condition of the wound.

This allows the wound to heal itself normally. Also, the antioxidants substances regenerate the damaged cells.

Improve Oral health and treat sore throat:

The benefits of manuka honey are many, but this one is very prominent. As manuka honey contains natural sugar, its sweetness doesn’t cause any dental problems.

On the contrary, it enhances oral health. Some studies mention that it might have a good effect on calcium levels in teeth and bones.

In addition to that, it alleviates the pain resulted from sore throat and usually treats this condition in two days, especially when using the propolis manuka spray.  

 The Best Product For Men Health:

Throughout history, this type of honey has been aligned to men’s health.

It improves physical and sexual health. As manuka honey increases the blood flow to the male reproductive parts and helps in eliminating the inflammation.

Other Benefits of manuka honey:

  • Helps prevent stomach ulcers
  • Improves digestion and relieves symptoms of indigestion and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Treats the symptoms of hereditary cystic fibrosis (a disease of the respiratory system)
  • Treats acne, even if it has a positive effect on the skin in general
  • Soothes or eliminates allergies
  • It is used to treat burns for its ability to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Contributes to the repair of damaged tissues in the body

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